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How to Enroll

Initially, students enroll in the Foundation Year. Enrollment into the second, teacher education year begins in the spring of Foundation year.. One may also plan to take the Foundation Year only.

You may download an application form from this website, below. You are also invited to contact the enrollment coordinator for conversation. 541-514-7905 .

Foundation Year Enrollment

To enroll in the Foundation Year, students must submit a completed application form, including a short personal biography and a $25 non-refundable application fee. Upon receipt of these, we will schedule a personal interview.

These personal interviews may take up to one hour and when necessary, may be conducted over the phone. It is our goal to assure that the applicant is entering the program with a clear picture of the demands, the challenges, and the learning opportunities offered. We want to clear away, when possible, any preconceived ideas about some seminar topics by offering fresh perspectives. Every applicant will hear two conditions:

  • Not to accept anything on authority, but to put everything to scrutiny, for we wish students to become independent thinkers.
  • Keep an open mind, for without it, one will never learn the truth beyond things that are already familiar.

Education Year Interviews

Interviews for entrance into the second year are held each spring. Expectations for the year's time and work and financial commitments are thoroughly discussed. Students are advised not to work outside of the program for more than 15 hours per week at most. With 100 hours of active volunteering in the children's classes and 7 weeks of practicum, it is nearly a full-time year.

WTEE may accept transfers from other Foundation Year Institutes with comparable curriculum. The process requires an in-person interview.