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Eugene, Oregon, USA

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Our Faculty

Resident Faculty

LeeAnn Ernandes, WTEE’s Program Coordinator, came to Waldorf Education in 1980 as one of the founding parents of the Eugene Waldorf School. LeeAnn completed her BS degree in Public Administration in 1970. She received her Waldorf Teacher Education here in Eugene at WTEE, and began class teaching in 1989. Presently, LeeAnn teaches seminars in both Foundation and Education years of WTEE.

Erika Finstad completed her Waldorf training here in Eugene in 1996.  She has been teaching grades at Eugene Waldorf School since.  During her grades teaching years, she also completed her training in Spacial Dynamics® and teaches this subject and Foundation Year recorder in WTEE.  Erika has an MA in education.

Linda Marooney received her BA in Fine Arts in 1971.  She completed Waldorf Teacher Education at Rudolf Steiner College and has taught for over 3 decades in Waldorf Schools in California and Oregon as a pre-school, kindergarten, and grades teacher.  Since 1996, Linda has been teaching choir, music and early grades curriculum, in WTEE.

Pamela Meyer has served as eurythmy piano accompanist for many years in both EWS and WTEE. Presently, she accompanies choir and substitutes in all music courses.  Pamela holds a BA in music.

Marcia Seymour teaches Education Year curriculum, handwork, and visual arts in Waldorf Teacher Education, Eugene.  She completed her Waldorf teacher training in Eugene in 2000 and continues in teaching grades part-time at the Eugene Waldorf School.  Marcia graduated with a BA in Fine Arts in 1975.

Lourdes Smyth has been the teacher / coordinator of the Early Childhood component of WTEE since 2002. She came to Waldorf education as one of the founding parents of the Eugene Waldorf School following a career in nursing, and has now taught kindergarten for over 20 years. Lourdes completed her teacher training in Eugene in 1992 with the first graduating class of WTEE.  Lourdes mentors in regional kindergartens and regularly gives talks on Waldorf Early Childhood in various educational forums.

Katherine Stewart teaches the movement art of eurythmy and Foundation Year seminars. She received a BA in Anthroposophical Studies from Rudolf Steiner College and subsequently trained as a eurythmist and curative eurythmist. Katherine has also taught eurythmy to kindergarten and elementary grades school children in four Waldorf Schools.

Regular Visiting Faculty

  • Ina Jaehnig — Grades Seminars, Anthroposophical Studies
  • Helen Lubin — Speech
  • Dr. Lisa Del Alba — Anthroposophical Medicine