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Our Program

Waldorf Teacher Education

WTEE offers a 2-year program consisting of the part-time Foundation Year and a more full-time Education Year. In addition, WTEE offers an individualized study 3rd year option.

The Foundation Year provides the spiritual, cognitive basis for future educators: a deep, comprehensive understanding of the human being and the world, as it is made possible through Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science. Some students who do not plan to become teachers enroll with WTEE for the sole purpose of taking the Foundation Year.

The Education Year builds on these insights and guides students in the application of the child-centered Waldorf curriculum in such a way that they can develop within themselves the capacity and the skill to find teaching methods out of their own inner resources. Full completion of the Foundation Year and the Education Year leads to certification as a Waldorf Teacher.

WTEE Community Enrichment Courses

WTEE also offers an array of community education courses in Arts and Anthroposophy. These are held throughout the year, separate from the main WTEE courses, and are generally open to the community. They are intended to provide further relevant educational opportunities for WTEE students. Puppetry, projective geometry, creative writing, harp making, book binding, and special visual arts courses are among the subjects offered. If possible, cost is reduced for WTEE students.

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